Christopher Soares


Christopher was this years Jr. Mr. Starquest at the Pocono's finals. Take a look at a short clip of his winning routine to "Come Home"



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Where do you dance?

Creative Dance Center

Do you have any role models or inspirations? (doesn't have to be a dancer).

My instructors, Noel Anaya, Mitchell Kelly and Jessie Aguirre. I also look up to my parents!

Your 4 or 5 sentence message to another dancer.

Listen to your instructor and your heart when you are dancing. I always try to tell myself to just do your best and have fun because it isn't always about the award! I also know you need to try your best in school and stay focused on your dreams.

I love dancing because...

I love to learn routines and performing them on stage.

Dancing helps me...

I learned dancing can help with balance and learning combinations and routines in tae kwon do. I am a black belt in tae kwon do! It also helps me to focus in school. I have also learned to feel more confident.

When I'm not dancing I'm...

gaming on my iPhone or playing with my neighbors in the backyard. I also love to ride my bike.

Something I learned that I'd like to share with other dancers is...

to always focus on pointing your toes. I also have learned to listen to the corrections my teammates receive because I can always benefit from them!

I hope...

that all the guy dancers out there have awesome teachers like me and will always have a fun time when they are dancing.

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