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I love dancing because...

Dancing is an activity that make me happy. I love learning new ways to move my body.

Dancing helps me...

In ballet we learn jumps and leaps, and during my recess I play football and I jump just as high as I do in class to catch the ball!


When I'm not dancing I'm...

I still like to practice my ballet ( like some petite allegro glissade jetes ) when I'm walking to school.

I like to play games like color tag and touch football at recess with my friends.

I like studying math and participating in chess club.

Something I learned that I'd like to share with other dancers is...

When you're coming up from a combre front, your arm has to be in a fifth when you're coming up.

For balances. Keep your weight on the big toes, not the small ones or else you will fall in the balance. (Pronating)


I hope...

That for myself I can become a professional dancer and eventually dance as a Principle dancer. After I retire, I'd like to open my own ballet school.

For other male dancers, always pay attention to all the corrections that are given in class to the other kids (even the girls). By applying all the corrections you hear it lets the teacher know that you're paying attention to the whole class, and it keeps you focused and in tune the whole class. Don't let the girls bother you with their annoying talking.

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