On Thanksgiving, year 2010, we opened the first all men’s and boys‘ dancewear store.  Since then, over 68,000 different people have come to our site and we have shipped orders to over 22 countries in the world.  As proud as we are of what we've accomplished in the past 3 years, BOYSDANCETOO is ready to be more than just "The Dance Store for Men.  It is now time for us to become "The Dance Resource for Men."  We care about these guys; more than just what dancewear they are choosing.  We care about their health: physical AND mental.  We care about their experience inside AND outside of the studio.  We care about the experience the parents have; that a lot of them are “in the blue” when it comes to getting the right training, the right atmosphere, the right clothes and the right advice for their boy dancers.  We care, and so do you.



There are three steps to making this website a reliable resource for male dancers and their supporters:


Step One: Start writing.  Before reading becomes completely obsolete in our world we are choosing to write about everything we think is valuable to a male dancer in order to get the wheels turning.


Step Two: Get the Pro’s involved.  Sarah and I have a combined 28 years in the dance and movement education field and our input is valuable, but we plan on enlisting the help of professionals in various fields to help educate.  


Step 3:  Overhaul.  Once the wheels start spinning fast enough, our website will have a complete makeover to turn what was once just valuable words into to something fun, informative, and interactive.



What you are reading is the launch of Step One.  This blog will contain entries that inspire dialogue of subjects surrounding male dancers.  It will be filled with information as well as inquisitions.  It is a new space for everyone to come together and share what its like to be a male dancer or be a supporter of a male dancer.


Our entries and your opinions may contain sensitive material.  There is only so much “code” we can use when talking about dance belts, and there is definitely going to be some opinions that push people’s buttons.  We will do our best to monitor the appropriateness of the content and claim the right to censor user-made content when we see fit.  That does not mean you shouldn’t speak openly and honestly, just be mindful of 3 things:

1. Kids are reading this.  

2. We all come from different places.  

3. We are all offering up opinions out of love for our dancers.  We are a family now and the blog should rejoice in that fact.  

The day will come when a boy chooses to dance, and he isn’t bullied for it.  The day will come when a mom or dad wants to find EVERY piece of dancewear for their boy dancer and they don’t have an issue.  There will be a day when male dancers are always in class with other male dancers.  There will be a day when all dance studios know how to create effective programs for male dancers.  This day will come and every time you participate in this blog you are helping us turn THIS day into TOday.


So welcome, to BOYSDANCETOO's Blog: The Dance Resource for Men.





  • Sam

    Ok so I’m looking for a elastic belt 6" thick and cannot find it anywhere

  • Francisco Gella

    Francisco Gella
    49 minutes ago near Los Angeles, CA
    Sharing this for it’s incredible significance regarding inclusion and acceptance in ‪#‎dance‬. This was part of a longer reply by retired Paul Taylor Dancer Andrew Asnes to a blog story from a mother about her experiences supporting a young male dancer. Courage, character, honesty, power. ‪#‎BoysDanceToo‬

    “Years later, I was leaving the PTDC and my high school friend Adam could not come to the last shows we did at Lincoln Center. So he sent me a letter to say he was sorry he couldn’t be there. I share this letter with you all and perhaps you can share it with whomever you encounter who gives a response like the ignorant gentleman in your story:

    I just wanted to get back to you before your final performance with.Paul Taylor. I unfortunately will not be able to be there, but I wanted to.express to you how proud I have been over all of these years (ever since high school), to be your friend and the level of achievement you have attained in your art. I have come to understand and appreciate the
    dedication and hard work that it takes to be a professional dancer, and the sacrifices that you have gone through to be the best. Andrew, what you have achieved in professional dancing is a level of athletic prowess that makes the rest of us seem amateurish in comparison. I now know, in the truest sense of the word, that if any of my children decide to undertake the arduous task of wanting to be a professional dancer, that my heart would swell with pride in the knowledge that they would choose such a noble art.
    I hope that in your new ventures, whatever they may be, you are as satisfied and as successful as you’ve been with Paul Taylor. Take care and good luck. I’ll see you soon.
    Your friend, Adam.’

    Adam set an example in our school that commanded and demanded reciprocal respect for others.
    Adam did not survive the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. I can only hope to raise my children in a manner that honors his memory."

  • Rachel

    And is confident in what he does! I have found everything I need for him online and love this store for helping with that. So that day is coming closer then you think!
    I’m so proud of my child who is a male dancer :)

  • Rachel

    Thank you! My son is 6 turning 7 he has all kinds if friends and has not been bullied yet. He fields all kinds of questions from other boys and is confidne

  • Kylie

    Thankyou both on such a fantastic store and amazing customer service. So nice to know that someone hasn’t forgotten the boys! Hopefully one day we will get over there and be able to pop in.

    Thanks again,

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