Midsummer Night's Nightmare: Has the Thought of Returning Back to School Horrified You or Your Dancer?

On the last day of school everyone was so excited.  SUMMER BREAK! NO HOMEWORK!  Not for me.  My mother put me to work.  My sister and I would have major projects around the house to do.  Dishes?  Please.  Try painting a picket fence around an acre of land.  I think I was 10 the first time she had us do it.  Taking out the garbage?  I wish.  Try scrubbing a 600 square foot deck with nothing but a garden hose and one of those green dish scrubber things.  Cutting down trees, picking up apples and wheel barreling them to the back of the yard, mowing the lawn with a push lawn mower (once with one that was a non powered)... these were the things I had to look forward to doing.  But I have to tell you, every July, when I was at my wits end doing all this labor at home on my vacation”, I would remember, school is coming and my attitude changed to gratitude.  Remembering that school was coming gave me a panic attack.

Male Dancers Need to Do Push Ups.

Depending on the type of training a male dancer is receiving, different strength and conditioning programs are appropriate.  Male ballet dancers at some point will need the upper body strength to lift a partner, and male jazz/contemporary dancers need to be able to throw their own body weight in a million different directions (sometimes upside down) and ALL dancers definitely need the strength and endurance to be ON-the-floor-OFF-the-floor-ON-the-floor-OFF-the-floor... So where do we start?  Ill start with what I know would be helpful to all the male dancers



Today’s Topic: Dance Belts.

What is a dance belt?

It is an undergarment for male dancers.


What is the dance belt’s function?

Its two primary functions are to conceal and protect (I think you know what).


Why do male dancers have to wear a dance belt?

In a nutshell (pun intended), male dancers need their hanging glands to be placed out of the way from their own legs squeezing together and from other peoples limbs flying towards that area.  If they dont wear one


On Thanksgiving, year 2010, we opened the first all men’s and boys‘ dancewear store.  Since then over 68,000 different people have come to our site and we have shipped orders to over 22 countries in the world.  As proud as we are of what we accomplished in the past 3 years, BOYSDANCETOO is ready to be more than just The Dance Store for Men.  It’s now time for us to become The Dance Resource for Men.  We care about these guys; more than just what dancewear they are choosing.  We care about their health: physical AND mental.  We care about their experience inside AND outside of the studio.  We care about the experience the parents have; that a lot of them are “in the blue” when it comes to getting the right training, the right atmosphere, the right clothes and the right advice for their boy dancers.  We care, and so do you.