Midsummer Night's Nightmare: Has the Thought of Returning Back to School Horrified You or Your Dancer?

On the last day of school everyone was so excited.  SUMMER BREAK! NO HOMEWORK!  Not for me.  My mother put me to work.  My sister and I would have major projects around the house to do.  Dishes?  Please.  Try painting a picket fence around an acre of land.  I think I was 10 the first time she had us do it.  Taking out the garbage?  I wish.  Try scrubbing a 600 square foot deck with nothing but a garden hose and one of those green dish scrubber things.  Cutting down trees, picking up apples and wheel barreling them to the back of the yard, mowing the lawn with a push lawn mower (once with one that was a non powered)... these were the things I had to look forward to doing.  But I have to tell you, every July, when I was at my wits end doing all this labor at home on my vacation”, I would remember, school is coming and my attitude changed to gratitude.  Remembering that school was coming gave me a panic attack.