My Son Went to a Dance Intensive and All He Got Was This Lousy Ego.

Dance intensives: Do they give your male dancer big skills or big heads?


When I was a competitive gymnast, I used to go to gymnastics camps.  Think ballet intensives but upside down and with more broken bones.  They were the most fun for the natural talents with no fear but nerve racking for the gymnasts that had their neurons interacting correctly at age 13 (hand raised).  Wait a minute.  You want me to swing around this barlet go of the barflip and then catch the bar again?  I asked as the Russian instructor who, in a strong accent, told me to do a release move called a Jaeger. I thought he was out of his mind.

Male Dancers Need to Do Push Ups.

Depending on the type of training a male dancer is receiving, different strength and conditioning programs are appropriate.  Male ballet dancers at some point will need the upper body strength to lift a partner, and male jazz/contemporary dancers need to be able to throw their own body weight in a million different directions (sometimes upside down) and ALL dancers definitely need the strength and endurance to be ON-the-floor-OFF-the-floor-ON-the-floor-OFF-the-floor... So where do we start?  Ill start with what I know would be helpful to all the male dancers