The Best Men's and Boys' Dancewear.

Men's dancewear.  Boys' dancewear.  Men's and boys' dancewear.  You have found the best place for men's and boys' tights, leotards, unitards, biketards, warm ups, dance belts, jazz pants, ballet pants, jumpers, suspender shorts and more.  And you can find most of them in COLORS!  We are the experts in men's and boys' dancewear.  We are changing the way guy dancers shop for their clothes.  No more shopping on pink, tutu, websites.  We are here!  We will be growing our selection every season.  So if you don't find something you need (we know.. shoes, we're on it) just email us, tell your friends to email us, yell at us on facebook and twitter, or comment on our blog!  We will find it for you.  And if we can't.... we'll just make it ourselves.  



You are a male dancer.  Or a friend of a male dancer.  Or a mom of a male dancer.  Or a dad of a male dancer...

You need male dancewear.  

You keep going to stores or websites with pink and tutus, and girls, and glitter, and pink, and fluff and teddy bears, and pink and scream "Come on!!!! BOYS DANCE TOO."

Then, someone out there heard you and opened The Dance Store for Men.

You have all been rescued from this awful pink experience by this magical all men's and boys' dancewear store called

You buy what you need.

You win. 




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