Where are the Dance Entrepreneurs?

After our event at internet week (see description here) we have decided to create a couple spots where we can continue the conversation of dance entrepreneurs, technology, and money.  We have started a facebook group called "Dance Entrepreneurship: Let's Make Moves" and are now going to be blogging regularly on the subject here on boysdancetoo.com.  We hope to create a much more organized platform for the discussion but for now we are going to use these two to get started.  We will be posting questions or general statements that we hope will provoke you readers to do the same. 

So we will start here with what was the general conception that our panelists and we here at boysdancetoo have:

- There is a lot of money being made in dance, yet... the dancers see very little of it none of it.  We think that dancers need to learn business, create businesses, or at least treat themselves... like a business.  Who's getting paid big bucks to dance these days? 

Question(s):  Why are dancers not making more businesses?  Is the dance world really that perfect that there needs to be little innovation?  Is there no products that need to be invented?  Are the competitions really that great?  Are there no dancers out there saying, "Geez if someone were to just make "this" it would be so great for dancers?

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