Dance Leotards for Boys

Dance leotards for boys... is it really that scary?  Well sort of.  I remember when I was a gymnast and we had to get uniforms, they were boys leotards and a pair of small shorts.  16 boys tried to fight our coach on wearing them, but that fight didn't last long.  "You will wear!" said the intimidating man from Ecuador.  That same man was the one who would step on us when we did splits so arguing about a leotard was not a bright idea.  We all put them on and I remember a unified "oh" from the team.  Each of us looked huge.  This boys' leotard that we all thought was girly made us feel like American Gladiators (is that show still on TV?).  That same result happens when boy dancers stop complaining and put them on.  The mirror isn't lying buddy.  You look better.  

A boys dance tank top is cool but it doesn't do what a boys leo will do.  Because it wraps under... everything, the dance garment has to stretch along the whole torso; chest, abdomen, and back,  accentuating the musculature.  Even for a little guy?  6? 8? 10?  Yeah!  Functionally is better too because there is no where for the material to go.   But there is a thong in the boys leotard!  I know.  There was a thong in the boys' gymnastics leotard too (I put mine on backwards the first time, oops).  It's one of those things that seem so insane at first but then you put it on, make a confused face, and get over it.  You are putting something on over the leotard so it's not like anyone will tell.  And there is a thong...just for that reason.  You don't want to see what is underneath.  The leotard is really, just supposed to look like the greatest, most well fitting, un-moving, shirt ever.  If it didn't have the thong in the back everyone would know you're... wearing a leotard.

Parents:  Express empathy when handing this over to your son to wear for the first time, but my suggestion would be to not over do the condolences.  It will make the boys feel like it's actually not something that they should be wearing.  But it is.  

"Daddy, it's so tight!"

"I know son.  It's supposed to be so you look like you are so strong that you are busting out of it"

"Mom, what is this in the back?"

"It's the back of the leotard.  You need it in that crazy spot because it's supposed to hide somewhere to make it look like a shirt"

"Dad, this is what girls wear."

"Actually, it's what really good dancers wear.  There are leotards that are specifically for girls and there are ones specifically for guys.  This is the guys leotard."  ***make sure you are shopping from our store when you say this because there are stores that will try and get them into the girls leo's***

::::: Although I have taught children for over 16 years, and have a strong feeling that the above suggestions will help.  I am not a child psychologist nor a parent.  So accept these suggestions with your own discretion.  I do feel strongly though, and this is from personal experience, that when approaching your son about wearing something like a boys dance leotard, do it in a confident way.  This is what guy dancers wear, the end. :::::::



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