Boys' Dance Belts

Having fun getting your son in a boys' dance belt for the first time?  Probably not.  Well at least they have a decent name.   Dance Belt.  Better than Jock Strap in my opinion.  When you look at the dance belt you don't really see anything alarming except for the thong.  Is it really necessary to have a thong? Yeah.. I wish I could say no but, it is.  It would look like a diaper under tights, leotards or bike shorts.  I would choose the thong over the diaper if I was a 7 year old.  As I mentioned in a previous blog about boys' leotards, the thong is really not a big deal. Unless you are getting a cheap dance belt.   They are torturous.  Cheap, yes.  But torturous.  Don't do it.  It's worth the extra bucks to get a nice one like our Wear Moi dance belt for boys.  Wouldn't you pay $5 to not hear the complaints? 

As a parental pointer (I'm not a parent but I went through this experience myself) don't be super "Care -Bear" about it.  It's what they have to wear, the end.  Giving them a few "I know! thongs are weird huh?" is fine.  But too much empathy will make them feel like a dance belt is not something boys should wear.  Another few things about cheap dance belts, a lot of other dance belt brands make their dance belts with 100 different pieces with 100 more seams and its just uncomfortable.  Also the cup part in the front is often too thin and does nothing when it comes to protection and very little when it comes to concealing whats underneath it, which is the whole point. An additional tip when it comes to "Mom, dad, why do I have to wear this?" would be the same as what I said in the leotard blog.  "Because this is what guy dancers wear."  Would you rather wear a cup like in baseball?  I feel so bad for the baseball players.  Those dudes have 90 mile an hour baseballs flying at their "packages" so they need these horribly uncomfortable, plastic, hard, cups that are held in place by tight, scratchy straps that wrap around both butt cheeks.  That stinks.  Guy dancers need protection from the occasional rouge limbs from their fellow dancers and from all the bouncing around.  So the comfortable cushiony fabric does the trick.

Needless to say, not wearing a dance belt, even if you are not a ballet dancer, can really do some damage as boys mature.  The boys' "boys" need not to be flying around and pressed into the floor for years.  Should they wish to have kids one day... you get the picture.  We searched far and wide for the dance belt we offer now.  It really is the best one.  So parents can feel confident when giving it to their boy dancers because at least they can say, "That all guys dance store tried every dance belt in the World and they chose this one."