How to Wear a Dance Belt.

We at BOYSDANCETOO are experts in men's and boys' dancewear.  So when it comes to the uncomfortable (to some) subject of "how to wear a dance belt" we choose to be fearless.   Below is a very simple guide to wearing a dance belt.  In a nutshell (no pun intended) it is to be worn like regular briefs with all things pointing upward.  If that doesn't do the trick, read the below details...

1.  Place both feet through the leg holes

2.  Slide the dance belt up towards the groin.

3.  Stop lifting the dance belt right before it reaches... "all things that hang".

4.  Lift... "all things that hang" up against the stomach.  And we mean everything.

5.  Lift the dance belt until the under portion of the scrotum is against the cup portion of the dance belt and the waist band is at the waist.

6.  The thong portion of the dance belt should be completely in between both butt cheeks.  No cheating!  If the thong is not "way up there" then the dance belt it is not in the right spot.  

7.  All done!  It's just like regular underwear, but "all things that hang" now point upward.



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