Dance Pants for Men

When I started dancing,... well actually I never really trained as a dancer, I just sort of became a choreographer...  So lets start with, when I started teaching and choreographing dance, I wore jeans.  I was a Jazz-Funk-Punk teacher so it didn't really matter.  Until I started to develop my skills did I realize, I needed men's dance pants.  I was starting to create more numbers that were technical and in order to move correctly I needed pants that were stretchy and allowed me to move.  The studio owner told me to find "men's jazz pants" or "men's modern dance pants" Suuuuuuure Lady.  And back then there was no googling.  So I didn't have the luxury of searching for men's dancewear things like "dance pants for men" "men's jazz pants" "modern pants men" and so on. Not like your experience searching for men's dancewear is that enjoyable anyway, well at least not until started (right boys?).  Anyway, I went to this "local" dance store and... I'm sure you can all relate to what that experience was like.  The owner of the store gave me the most pathetic look when I said that I needed, "dance pants for guys" I really wanted to ask for mens cotton jazz pants but from the looks of the store drenched in pink I felt adding the words, cotton and jazz might be pushing it.  So I settled for dance pants for guys.  Obviously 10 minutes later, there I am trying on "mens" dance pants.  Right.... sure lady, these are for the girls.  Just because you went in the back where you "keep all your men's dancewear" doesn't mean I believe this.  The waist was so low and the material was so thin.  I was nice and just told her "I think I'll stick to my jeans." I ended up just using junky sweats and jeans for the remainder of my teaching career.  But they were really annoying.  It wasn't until a year before opening BOYSDANCETOO that I put on a pair of actual men's jazz pants.  

The first one I tried on is the one we have here in the store from WearMoi.  The "wide leg jazz pant."  They are so nice (not just saying that because we sell them).  They really are such amazing pants for male dancers. Especially male dancers that are just starting to wear.. men's dancewear.  Not like the flared leg ones we have from Motionwear (those are serious male jazz pants and might scare off a first timer).  More about those later.  The WearMoi men's jazz pants are wide LEG not flare.  They feel more like men's dance trousers than mens jazz pants.  Anyway, these are what I would have worn to teach in.  They just look so good on a guy, because they are made for a guy.  My jeans would have seen more parties than dance floors if I had these pants.  I know that a lot of other male dance teachers and other male dancers wear what I wore to class all the time because.. they can usually just wear whatever they want.  But there is something about wearing actual dance pants for men that makes a difference.  You can really feel your body more.  And for those who wear the more serious jazz pants like the flared ones from Motion Wear really feel a difference.  They just lift all your muscles and squeeze your "tush" and make you feel lighter.  And a lot of the guys told me that they like them because they can feel their entire leg more and that they like the flapping of the flare.  I think it just feels cool?  Not sure.  Cotton seems to be everyone's favorite with these, though I think we are going to start selling the silkskyn version soon.

Oh and before I end this strangely written blog about dance pants for men, I can't forget the fact that... the crotch doesn't rip!  HAHAHA!  I mean, maybe they do sometimes but not like the pants I was wearing!  Men's jazz pants don't fall down at the inseam so you can do whatever you want in them and they won't tear like regular sweats. Yeah, I wish I knew that before I went through a zillion pair of sweats.  But.. if you do wear men's jazz pants... that don't have a gap in the inseam.. you have to wear a dance belt.. Another thing I wish I knew more about back then.