Boys' Dancewear Review

As “The Dance Store for Men” approaches it’s first anniversary of being open, we look back and remember why we started in the first place.  There is no good place to buy men’s and boys’ dance clothes.  Well, we are proud to be still here as THE solution.  Boys' dancewear in particular was the most challenging.  To find a pair of ballet tights for boys might have been “simple” for some, “annoying” for others, and “impossible” for most.  Even if someone found a place for boys' dancewear, the selection was miniscule, the service was probably way under par and the environment surely screamed “no boys allowed.”  Boys' dancewear is not a luxury, it is a need; for boy dancers at least.  We found that boys' dance belts and boys' ballet tights were the most popular items in our boys' dancewear selection.  But what we found most exciting was not just that people were buying loads of tights and dance belts, but that they were buying all things labeled “boysdancetoo.”  Just this simple logo, on a simple boys' dance shirt or boys' dance pants, was something that clearly had parents of boy dancers all over the world.  So. Super. Excited.  In fact we sold every single item that had our logo on it within the first couple months of opening.  Wow.  Even GIRLS were buying our "boysdancetoo." shirts at conventions like “The Pulse” and “Dance Teacher Summit.”  That kicks butt! 

Now that I think about it, it's important to add that, every. single. piece... of boys' dancewear we offer in the store was sold at least once. The MStevens full-seated boys' leotard, the Mstevens boys' dance shirt and the Grishko boys' dance jazz pants were among the most popular right under the boys' dance belts and boys' tights.  And Shorts! I can’t forget the boys' dance shorts!  These were absolutely 100% the most popular requested item.  At least once a week, “Is BOYSDANCETOO going to offer boys' dance shorts soon?… Do you guys have boys' bike shorts?…We love your boys' dancewear but where are the dance shorts?”  We hurried up and got a stock of shorts from MStevens and sold out quickly after.  We don’t even have a model wearing them in the picture! (better pictures coming soon by the way).  

We even sold things that we don’t offer because parents thought to themselves, “Well they have the largest selection of boys' dancewear… I guess I can ask if they can help me find something.”  Well they were right.  We did help them find the dancewear they needed.  We have also been helping parents choose the right sizes for their boys too.  It’s tough with an online store and its even harder when you offer so many different styles of boys' dancewear from so many different manufacturers.  A size chart is coming, we promise.  Besides adding to our selection of boys' dancewear this year, we are going to prioritize the sizing details on the site.  There is nothing more annoying than looking for something like boys dancewear for a million hours and then finally finding “The Dance Store for Men” and then having no idea what size your son is in boys' tights, boys' dance shorts, boys' dance belts, and so on.  The dance belts especially.  We will be posting exact measurements of the dance belts and what weight, height, and age would be most appropriate for wearing a specific size in the dance belt.  Finding boys' dance clothes is not a problem anymore.  BOYSDANCETOO plans to perfect the experience of buying boys' dancewear, so that it’s not just a savior when looking for boys' dancewear…. It’s a pleasure.