Men's Dance Belt Sizing

A size chart for men's dance belts sometimes doesn't cut it.  The dance belt is a dance undergarment for men that... is a mystery to all.  HAHAHA!  But it shouldn't be!  The only reason the dance belt has been a sizing puzzle is because most of the dance belt manufacturers cut corners.  They make the men's dance belts incredibly small so that they don't have to make children's sizes.  Silly.  That's only one of the reasons we chose the WearMoi dance belt.  They know that a child is a child and needs a children's size dance belt.  And an adult is an adult and needs a men's size dance belt.  Once this trickery of sizing started happening with the dance belt makers, it didn't stop.  They just kept making below average dance belts with tricky sizing that no one can understand.  And because dance belts are not allowed to be returned... well you get the picture.  OUR dance belt sizing is extremely similar to undergarments that a male dancer wears regularly.  If you wear a medium size boxer brief, well.. you wear a medium dance belt.  If you regularly wear a large size sponge bob square pants boxer than you wear a large size dance belt.  There should not be a guide to dance belt sizing.  If one chooses to wear the WearMoi dance belt sold by us here at boysdancetoo, there will be no dance belt games to play.  If you have never worn a dance belt, well, there is a couple notes you should read in our "How to Wear a Dance Belt" blog entry, but other than that, just buy the size you normally would.