Lucas Triana Rules.

We reached out to Victor Smalley and Angel Armas of Stars Dance Studio when Dance Moms: Miami appeared on our TV sets.  We liked that there were 2 young men running a studio, teaching great technique and choreography, and were open to having a zillion people watch it happen.  We especially liked that they had boys at their studio.  The young male dancer that was on the show was Lucas Triana.  We ended up connecting with Lucas and his mom, Brigette, out of mutual enthusiasm on building widespread awareness that boys dance too.

Whether or not one is a fan of this reality television show, we at boysdancetoo. think Lucas represents a talented, responsible, open minded, hard working, respectful... dancer, son, student, and friend that sticks up for himself, sticks up for others, and passes no judgement.  He is a boy that, by exercising these traits daily and without fear, brings positive energy and motivation everywhere he goes (HELLO ROLE MODELl!).  And because he was on television... hundreds of thousands of people got to see some of that.  In fact, Lucas has a social media reach of over 200,000 people already (200,000?!?!).  We think it is so amazing and such a good sign that a 10 year old male dancer has received so much positive attention.  Because it is so rare to have a young male dancer be shown at this magnitude as a respectful hard-worker, we think that we should give this MORE attention so we can see more young male dancers (like your sons) be celebrated in the future.  Please, check Lucas out on Dance Moms: Miami, youtube, and if you're lucky, regional dance competitions. 


PLEASE share with us your stories of young brave male dancers through email or social media.  We would to hear them and share them.        @boysdancetoo      #boypower     #boysdancetoo