Men's Dancewear Review

Sarah and I hosted an event this past summer at Dance New Amsterdam in NYC.  The event was intended to open up a discussion about entrepreneurship in the dance industry.  I had to capture the audiences attention in order for them to notice how many “holes” there are in the dance industry and how people like us could fill in the gaps by opening businesses that solve basic problems.  I did this by using boysdancetoo as an example.  Wearing my best outfit and shaking a bit with nerves I said, “Raise your hands if you know a really great men’s dancewear store.”  ::crickets::  “No one?... Ok.. well that’s why we opened boysdancetoo.  The Dance Store for Men…”  Amazing.  A room full of dancers and dance industry entrepreneurs could not think of one place off the top of their heads to find men’s dancewear.  Amazing, but not shocking. 

Boys' Dancewear Review

As “The Dance Store for Men” approaches it’s first anniversary of being open, we look back and remember why we started in the first place.  There is no good place to buy men’s and boys’ dance clothes.  Well, we are proud to be still here as THE solution.  Boys' dancewear in particular was the most challenging.  To find a pair of ballet tights for boys might have been “simple” for some, “annoying” for others, and “impossible” for most.  Even if someone found a place for boys' dancewear, the selection was miniscule, the service was probably way under par and the environment surely screamed “no boys allowed.”  Boys' dancewear is not a luxury, it is a need; for boy dancers at least.  We found that boys' dance belts and boys' ballet tights were the most popular items in our boys' dancewear selection. 

Dance Pants for Men

When I started dancing,... well actually I never really trained as a dancer, I just sort of became a choreographer...  So lets start with, when I started teaching and choreographing dance, I wore jeans.  I was a Jazz-Funk-Punk teacher so it didn't really matter.  Until I started to develop my skills did I realize, I needed men's dance pants.  I was starting to create more numbers that were technical and in order to move correctly I needed pants that were stretchy and allowed me to move.  The studio owner told me to find "men's jazz pants" or "men's modern dance pants" Suuuuuuure Lady. 

How to Wear a Dance Belt.

We at BOYSDANCETOO are experts in men's and boys' dancewear.  So when it comes to the uncomfortable (to some) subject of "how to wear a dance belt" we choose to be fearless.   Below is a very simple guide to wearing a dance belt.  In a nutshell (no pun intended) it is to be worn like regular briefs with all things pointing upward.  If that doesn't do the trick, read the below details...

Boys' Dance Belts

Having fun getting your son in a boys' dance belt for the first time?  Probably not.  Well at least they have a decent name.   Dance Belt.  Better than Jock Strap in my opinion.  When you look at the dance belt you don't really see anything alarming except for the thong.  Is it really necessary to have a thong? Yeah.. I wish I could say no but, it is.  It would look like a diaper under tights, leotards or bike shorts.  I would choose the thong over the diaper if I was a 7 year old.  As I mentioned in a previous blog about boys' leotards, the thong is really not a big deal. Unless you are getting a cheap dance belt.   They are torturous.  Cheap, yes.  But torturous.  Don't do it.  It's worth the extra bucks to get a nice one like our Wear Moi dance belt for boys.  Wouldn't you pay $5 to not hear the complaints? 

Dance Leotards for Boys
Dance leotards for boys... is it really that scary?  Well sort of.  I remember when I was a gymnast and we had to get uniforms, they were boys leotards and a pair of small shorts.  16 boys tried to fight...
The Best Men's and Boys' Dancewear.

Men's dancewear.  Boys' dancewear.  Men's and boys' dancewear.  You have found the best place for men's and boys' tights, leotards, unitards, biketards, warm ups, dance belts, jazz pants, ballet pants, jumpers, suspender shorts and more.  And you can find most of them in COLORS!  We are the experts in men's and boys' dancewear.  We are changing the way guy dancers shop for their clothes.  No more shopping on pink, tutu, websites.  We are here!  We will be growing our selection every season.  So if you don't find something you need (we know.. shoes, we're on it) just email us, tell your friends to email us, yell at us on facebook and twitter, or comment on our blog!  We will find it for you.  And if we can't.... we'll just make it ourselves.