Men's Dancewear Review

Sarah and I hosted an event this past summer at Dance New Amsterdam in NYC.  The event was intended to open up a discussion about entrepreneurship in the dance industry.  I had to capture the audiences attention in order for them to notice how many “holes” there are in the dance industry and how people like us could fill in the gaps by opening businesses that solve basic problems.  I did this by using boysdancetoo as an example.  Wearing my best outfit and shaking a bit with nerves I said, “Raise your hands if you know a really great men’s dancewear store.”  ::crickets::  “No one?... Ok.. well that’s why we opened boysdancetoo.  The Dance Store for Men…”  Amazing.  A room full of dancers and dance industry entrepreneurs could not think of one place off the top of their heads to find men’s dancewear.  Amazing, but not shocking. 

Boys' Dancewear Review

As “The Dance Store for Men” approaches it’s first anniversary of being open, we look back and remember why we started in the first place.  There is no good place to buy men’s and boys’ dance clothes.  Well, we are proud to be still here as THE solution.  Boys' dancewear in particular was the most challenging.  To find a pair of ballet tights for boys might have been “simple” for some, “annoying” for others, and “impossible” for most.  Even if someone found a place for boys' dancewear, the selection was miniscule, the service was probably way under par and the environment surely screamed “no boys allowed.”  Boys' dancewear is not a luxury, it is a need; for boy dancers at least.  We found that boys' dance belts and boys' ballet tights were the most popular items in our boys' dancewear selection. 

Where are the Dance Entrepreneurs?

After our event at internet week (see description here) we have decided to create a couple spots where we can continue the conversation of dance entrepreneurs, technology, and money.  We have started a facebook group called "Dance Entrepreneurship: Let's Make Moves" and are now going to be blogging regularly on the subject here on  We hope to create a much more organized platform for the discussion but for now we are going to use these two to get started.  We will be posting questions or general statements that we hope will provoke you readers to do the same.

BOYSDANCETOO Hosts at Internet Week

BOYSDANCETOO hosted an event for NYC's Internet Week. We had a fierce conversation from a stellar group of panelists that was all about entrepreneurship in dance, today's technology in dance, and what the dance world is missing. The subject is super important because according to the bureau of labor statistics, dance jobs are expected to only grow 6% between 2006 and 2016. Oh no! What are we going to do about this? Well having a big event about it was our first step in doing something, but now we need the conversation to continue! We are going to be posting a review of what was discussed, questions for us to discuss, along with comments and videos and info on the subject. We want to hear what you have to say. Click "comments" to participate.


The founders of boysdancetoo were interviewed on the "Kiner Hour" by the fabulous Ashani Mfuko. Michael and Sarah spoke about who they were, how they met, why they opened boysdancetoo, what their plans are with the dance store for men, how they plan on making an impact on the dance world, and how they will use their men's and boy's dance wear store as a platform to change the way the world see's men in dance.  Watch some clips of the show here and check out the Kiner Hour Facebook page.

Desmond Richardson and TenduTV Added to Our Internet Week Panel on Dance Entrepreneurs!

Just when we thought our inspiring panel of dance luminaries lined up for our Internet Week NY event couldn't be any more incredible, we learned this week that the legendary dancer, choreographer and founder of Complexions Ballet Desmond Richardson will be on panel and Marc Kirschner will not only be on panel, but his company (TenduTV - a worldwide distributor of dance videos online) have joined this special event as sponsors (and we're eternally grateful to them for securing event space for us at DNA Dance - a beautiful space). to Host Panel at Internet Week New York!

Internet Week New York (@internetweek, #inwny) for internet entrepreneurs is the equivalent of Fashion Week for fashion mavens.  Unofficially referred to as "Geek Week", Internet Week is a week-long celebration (June 6-13) of all things tech, social and entrepreneurial online in the New York community -- a time for the brave souls building businesses online to meet, greet and get to know each other, their supporters, members of the New York business community and the media (see video below). 

The Best Men's and Boys' Dancewear.

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