Men's Dance Belt Sizing

A size chart for men's dance belts sometimes doesn't cut it.  The dance belt is a dance undergarment for men that... is a mystery to all.  HAHAHA!  But it shouldn't be!  The only reason the dance belt has been a sizing puzzle is because most of the dance belt manufacturers cut corners.  They make the men's dance belts incredibly small so that they don't have to make children's sizes.  Silly.  That's only one of the reasons we chose the WearMoi dance belt.

How to Wear a Dance Belt.

We at BOYSDANCETOO are experts in men's and boys' dancewear.  So when it comes to the uncomfortable (to some) subject of "how to wear a dance belt" we choose to be fearless.   Below is a very simple guide to wearing a dance belt.  In a nutshell (no pun intended) it is to be worn like regular briefs with all things pointing upward.  If that doesn't do the trick, read the below details...

Boys' Dance Belts

Having fun getting your son in a boys' dance belt for the first time?  Probably not.  Well at least they have a decent name.   Dance Belt.  Better than Jock Strap in my opinion.  When you look at the dance belt you don't really see anything alarming except for the thong.  Is it really necessary to have a thong? Yeah.. I wish I could say no but, it is.  It would look like a diaper under tights, leotards or bike shorts.  I would choose the thong over the diaper if I was a 7 year old.  As I mentioned in a previous blog about boys' leotards, the thong is really not a big deal. Unless you are getting a cheap dance belt.   They are torturous.  Cheap, yes.  But torturous.  Don't do it.  It's worth the extra bucks to get a nice one like our Wear Moi dance belt for boys.  Wouldn't you pay $5 to not hear the complaints?