Be Yourself on Purpose.

Boysdancetoo® was created out of a visceral frustration for the push back on letting boys be boys … who want to dance. Dancing: that thing that all of us do without thinking when a sound hits us in a way that triggers us move to it. These guys want to light up that instinct and grow it till it’s on a stage communicating something powerful to an audience.
We want to celebrate that desire and support them however we can.
Clothes, words, training, you name it; we want to create it and deliver it in the best way possible.
Our dance clothes are under a revamp, and are coming in slowly and you can find them at Our graphics are now here, on a print-on-demand service to better handle inventory and expand creative exploration / options. Our male dancer training is at We are here to support dancers and beyond, and encourage them to be and love exactly who they are.