SIZE CHART: MEN'S Thong Tank Leotard by MStevens

Men's Dancewear Sizing Chart:  Men's Dance Leotard









In between sizes for: Men's Tights, Men's Bike Shorts or Men's Leotards?  We know how frustrating that can be when it is not clear cut.  However, this is really tight, stretchy stuff your buying.  Don't sweat it.  In all reality if you are in between sizes, and just flip a coin… it's most likely that you'll be fine.  Just remember that if you go with the smaller size it will fit a little snug and if you go with the larger size it might fit a little… less snug. 


Chest 30"-34" 34"-38" 38"-41" 41"-44"

Girth 55"-59" 59"-63" 63"-66" 66"-69"

Height 5'5"-5'7" 5'7"-5'9" 5'10"-6' 6'+

Weight 120-140 lbs 140-155 lbs 155-170 lbs 170- lbs

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