SIZING CHART: BOYS' Footed Tights by MStevens

Boys' Dancewear Sizing Chart:  Boys' Dance Footed Tights






Boys Footed Tights:  Boy dancers with super long legs may need to contact us with regards to ordering a special "long length" version of the MStevens boys' tights.  How do you know if you have super long legs?  People either tell you all the time, "My!  Your legs are so long compared to the rest of you!"  Or…. you are "jumping over a size."  For example:  You match the height for a size large in boy's tights but you are the weight of a size small in boys' tights.  This is when we recommend contacting us at boysdancetoo and we will help you decide which size in the boys' footed tights is best for you.  Think you might need a bigger size than this? Check out this product in MENS sizes!  CLICK HERE :)


Waist 20"-22" 22"-24" 24"-26"

Height 4'-4'6" 4'6"-5' 5'-5'5"

Weight 50-75 lbs 75-100 lbs 100-120 lbs

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