The Male Dancer Conference


The groundbreaking Male Dancer Conference is now available to you at home.

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The Male Dancer Conference is a groundbreaking, educational and social event designed exclusively for male dancers.  It features education, connection, and conversation, all designed to improve the present skills and future lives of male dancers.  It stands as one of the only large group, multidimensional events for male dancers to gather, learn, share, and connect.  MDC participants leave as better dancers who feel enriched, empowered, and connected to a community.





The education offered at MDC is in the form of traditional class work, master classes, master clinics, and lecture / demonstrations. All course work is designed specifically for the male dancer and has a keen focus on information retention.  Each offering is taught by vetted industry leaders who have a passion for teaching boys and men. Dancers leave MDC with an arsenal of new tools and information that they would otherwise not be exposed to, helping in the immediate and distant future. 


The contacts and friendships made at MDC can make a dramatic difference in the present and future lives of male dancers and those who support them. Through scheduled social events and free-time, attendees of MDC connect on a level beyond what they experience in most dance event settings. Parents and supporters accompanying MDC boys will also enjoy the opportunity to share and learn from each other.


Through scheduled group / panel discussions, attendees have the opportunity to share their experiences and questions with fellow dancers and invited professionals. It is through these discussions that we as a community hear from the dancers themselves while also delivering information that is useful to male dancers and their supporters in the present and future. 
For more information and registration, please visit and KEEP DANCING :)