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  • High Compression Dance Socks w/ Traction
  • High Compression Dance Socks w/ Traction


High Compression Dance Socks w/ Traction




The "Infinite Shocks w/ Traction" feature the same great attributes of the "Infinite Shocks" but have a special adhesive traction applied to the ball of the foot to assist with keeping stable on slippery surfaces. Perfect for Contemporary Jazz and Modern that requires less spinning and more grounding.  "The Infinite" by Apolla is not your average dance sock! These highly engineered socks include antimicrobial, breathable, moisture wicking SORBTEK technology.  They feature enhanced ankle stability, arch support, graduated compression, and energy absorption in the heel.  The Infinite Shock provides revolutionary support that will change the way your body feels at the end of a long day of rehearsal, dance conventions, or practice.  

Moisture Wicking



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